I.Atkins progressing towards comeback
We brought you the news that player manager Iain Atkins would take a step back from playing on 30th July 2017 following a knee injury sustained against Crookes Crusaders during pre-season. It was believed at that time the clubs number nine would remain sidelined for the foreseeable future.

After a period of around seven weeks without kicking a ball and following consultation with a knee specialist physiotherapist the outlook looks far brighter than previously forecast. On Monday evening (04/09) I.Atkins tooks part in an 11 a side training match at the clubs training facilities, Sheffield Park Academy. This provided the first stepping stone of the managers comeback to football.

With continued consultation with the knee specialist physiotherapists Iain will return to training and continue to progress. Whilst the manager would love to be involved in full blooded 11 a side matches straight away he is realistic and knows it is a marathon and not a sprint to his return.

The consultation with specialists has provided a fresh look and treatment to the knee injury which does stem back to the ankle surgery in 2011.

Iain Atkins: “I am of course delighted to be given permission and the freedom to go and start getting involved again in football from the specialists. The last seven weeks has seemed like a lifetime and it has taken its toll fitness wise (not to say I was fit before the injury! I was far from it). It was good to be involved in the 11 a side training match Monday evening. it reignited the spark and passion for getting back on the pitch.”

“We have assembled a really good squad this season for the campaign and this has provided great competition for places. So I know I have a lot of work to do to get even close to being involved in the sixteen, as honestly, at present if I was in the same shape as last season I wouldn’t make the squad.”

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